About Me

Some facts about me:
I am a human, adult, female person. It's such a bore and I would like to become a dog. Can I do this on the NHS?
I am from London in England. According to a workmate, my palm suggests that I will move to another country. I don't think so, sister.
My favourite
 colour is blue colours are blue and orange. When did that happen? 
I am an actual adult who does adult things like pay bills and pay for my own Netflix account. I even allow other people to access my Netflix and give them their own profiles. I have never Netflix and Chilled.
I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the best child my parents had which is why I am the youngest and they had to go through a lot of kids before I rocked up. Perfection takes time.
I like Lego, 80s movies and taking photos. I also like Pinot Grigio, dogs, the Internet and playing old video games.
I endeavour to be nice but when that fails I try not to be a complete arsehole. It's a learning curve.
I use the exclamation 'yo' too much and avoid talking about my issues or confrontation by using humour. Like any reasonable person should.

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